Comprehensive Employer Solution

Responsive, Cutting Edge HR

Our experienced HR professionals provide the responsive service and quality guidance you need, and our cloud-based, high-tech HR software provides the integrated all-in-one HR solution you need. Learn more about how your business can benefit from our unique combination of personalized HR service and high-tech platform here.

Full-Service Payroll

Relieving you of the burdens associated with processing payroll, payroll tax administration, W-2s, timesheets and more, our full-service payroll service is certain to improve your life as an employer. Learn more about our full-service payroll solution here.

Employee Benefits

Studies show that employee benefits are a significant factor in attracting and retaining the best talent. Gain and keep your competitive edge through our full array of employee benefits.

Risk Management

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your business. Our risk management team provides the expertise and guidance to mitigate your risk and lead you through the confusing world of employment compliance. Find out how our comprehensive risk management services can help you limit your exposure and solidify your future as a thriving business for years to come.

High Tech and Ultimate Service in One

Spirit HR is both high-tech and

“Business owners shouldn’t have to choose between service and technology when selecting an outsourced provider. Spirit HR is both high-tech and high-touch, refusing to sacrifice one for the other,” explains CEO, Dale Hageman. “We took the best of both approaches and merged them into one at Spirit HR. Our best-in-class HRIS and experienced team of professionals combine to provide the convenient, cloudbased solution you want with a dedicated team of professionals providing the support and service you need to help you grow and succeed as an employer.”

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