National Business Etiquette Week

Etiquette is essential in creating and maintaining strong relationships. Business is built on relationships, both internal and external. The stronger the relationships are internally, the better your business runs. Add to that strong relationships with your clients and vendors and your company is unstoppable.

According to a Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Institute survey, 85 percent of job success depends on utilizing proper business etiquette. A recent survey on found 98 percent of respondents believe office etiquette is important — with 69 percent saying they would fire an employee who demonstrated bad office manners. 

In recognition of National Business Etiquette week, we are sharing our top etiquette tips.

Thank you notes – sending thank you notes sets you apart. That personalized attention and recognition strengths relationships.

Know peoples’ names – know your clients, co-workers and vendors by name.

Privacy – don’t discuss business matters in public areas like elevators and bathrooms.

Focus on people – limit checking your phone or e-mails during meetings or conversations. Give your attention to the person physically in front of you.

Respect Space – knock and pause when you enter someone’s office or cubicle. Wait until they acknowledge you and are ready to talk before you begin your task.

Social Media – make sure whatever you put on social media can and should be seen by a general audience. If it is private, keep it private.

Professional Environment – personalizing your desk and office space is nice, but make sure you don’t overshadow the work environment. Keep decorations minimal and professional.

What are your top business etiquette tips? Do you agree or disagree with ours?