December 18, 2015

Client Services

Client Services

Spirit Human Resources is the client-centric HR outsourcing partner built to meet the needs of your business. The ideal combination of high-tech, cloud-based HRIS paired with highly educated, dedicated professionals, Spirit HR helps you navigate the tricky terrain of being an employer.


Spirit's core services include human resources, payroll, employee benefits and risk management. While many PEOs may offer similar services on paper, the spirit—the heart—is the intangible factor that elevates the great PEOs above the rest. It is that spirit for exceptional service and dedication to helping businesses thrive and grow that makes Spirit HR different from other PEOs. Businesses who have benefited from the passion and dedication Spirit HR's staff pours into its clients can attest to the positive impact it makes on their organization, from culture to the bottom line.

Though the services and expertise Spirit offers its clients are anything but simple, its President and COO, Marilyn Conyer, believes clients should find it both easy and rewarding to work with Spirit. “We strive to be a convenient and trusted resource for our clients whether they’re smaller companies with limited internal resources or a larger organization with internal HR professionals seeking outsourced support with transactional back-office duties," explains Conyer. Wherever your organization is in its lifecycle, whatever your greatest challenge as an employer is today – Spirit HR has the team, expertise and dedication to deliver the right employer services and resources to support your organization.

Spirit HR - Empowering business success through high-touch, high-tech and client-centric outsourced HR, employee benefits, payroll and risk management.