December 18, 2015

Human Resources

Human Resources

Spirit HR provides expert Human Resources support and guidance for businesses looking for a one-of-a-kind partnership with expert HR professionals who understand the complexities of employment regulations and provide the solutions, services and guidance each client needs to stay compliant and set themselves apart as a great place to work.


So Much More Than Outsourced HR Administration
Providing best-in-class HR guidance and support to businesses in a variety of industries, Spirit’s services are designed to relieve the administrative burden while providing the services and support around its client’s unique strengths and challenges. Regardless of company size, industry or circumstances, Spirit’s dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals offers its clients a substantial advantage—customized, personal services supported by Spirit’s high-tech, cloud-based HRIS.

“We strive to be a convenient and trusted resource for our clients whether they’re smaller companies with limited internal resources or a larger organization with internal HR professionals seeking outsourced support with transactional back-office duties," explains Marilyn Conyer, President/COO.
Spirit HR - Supporting your business through personal, dedicated and high-tech HR.