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Running a Business is Hard

Running a business is hard. Taking care of human resources without the necessary tools makes it even harder. You wouldn’t think of operating your core business without the right tools. You shouldn’t try to manage HR without the right tools either.

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Who, What and How

The old adage says that the three most important things are location, location, location, but to us here at Spirit HR, it is who, what and how. Who we are, what we do, and how we help you.

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5 Ways to Manage Overwhelm in Your Business

The electronic age was supposed to free up time through automation. Somehow technology has taken over and created an environment where we are now working longer to keep up with the speed at which things are coming at us. Smartphones keep us connected 24/7, email at our fingertips and non-stop social media are only a few of the things that consume our time. These suggestions will help you reduce your “overwhelm.”

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