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Safety Articles

Distracted Driving Awareness

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, making this the perfect time to engage with employees and take advantage of training resources that are widely available. But more importantly it’s the perfect reminder that as an employer you can affect change not only in your company’s safety record but in the safety of your community.

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PPE Prevents Injuries

Personal protective equipment (PPE) prevents injuries in the workplace. PPE is vital to employee safety. It should be considered as a line of defense between the worker and the hazard, and, it is required under OSHA regulations.

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Workplace Safety Resolutions

Each new year brings about resolutions that range from easily attainable those that are impossible. Most resolutions seem to center around personal well-being and health. Why not help your employees with those things and make a safety resolution? After all, health and safety in the workplace should come first.

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