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Your convenient and trusted resource, built to complement your organization.

Who We Are

Spirit Human Resources is the client-centric HR outsourcing partner built to meet the needs of your business. The ideal combination of high-tech, cloud-based HRIS paired with highly educated, dedicated professionals, Spirit HR helps you navigate the tricky terrain of being an employer. With a core focus on serving clients through personalized human resources, employee benefits, payroll and risk management services, Spirit HR has bridged the gap between technology and service—enabling you to experience the advantages of a personal, dedicated team of professionals and the ease and convenience of cloud- based HRIS technology.

Meet The Team

Dale Hageman

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Marilyn Conyer
President and COO

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Danielle Barber
Business Development

Like the old Girl Scout song says, “make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other’s gold.” Danielle works to expand our customer base as well as maintaining and servicing our current accounts, and always up for street tacos.

Autumn Sorrell

“If you haven’t got your health, then you haven’t got anything.” Her expertise is in benefits administration, but 80s movie quotes are a close second. Many people find navigating claims and coverage confusing, but armed with a chocolate peanut butter cookie Autumn can find any answer.

Toby Portillo

Biggie warned us “Mo Money Mo Problems.” Around here Toby is in charge of making sure you get your money with No Problems. When he isn’t processing payrolls he will likely be found somewhere in rural Oklahoma in the midst of a bike race.

Kathy Johnson

Are you like Jerry McGuire and you need someone to “show you the money” Kathy will help find you the perfect report. The details are her specialty as well as time keeping. When she isn’t helping clients with their Time and Attendance systems, she is reminding us at 11:59 that it is almost lunchtime.

Robert Lounge

It’s often said the two certainties are death and taxes. Robert adds OU Football to that list. In addition to keeping track of all our checks and balances, Robert can give you Sooner stats and armchair analysis.

Sandy Sharpe

The Devil is in the Details. Whether you are filing a work comp claim, requesting a certificate or needing to plan a party, Sandy has you covered. Multi- tasking her way through the day with every detail in check.

Rory de Boer

In Glengarry Glen Ross Alec Baldwin’s character tells us that “coffee is for closers” but around here the reward is bacon. Rory’s passion for helping small businesses is fueled by BLT sandwiches. The Thunder may have a New Zealand standout on their squad, but we are team Australia over here.

What Our Clients Say

“The transition from our previous provider was flawless.  The Spirit Team worked side by side with us and the level of service is exceptional from on-boarding thru payroll and benefits.  The one on one customer focus was a much needed element for CCL and the selection of SPIRIT HR has been one of our best decisions yet!”

“I wanted to say we appreciate the focused effort and great communication you all have provided in the transition process. The end result has proven to be very efficient and therefore less painful than it could have been if managed otherwise. It has been very refreshing to work with the Spirit team on this transition, and it has validated we made the right decision to transition this very important part of our business.”

“Regardless the situation, the team at SpiritHR is always there for me.  Whether it’s a question about payroll, HR law, overtime or benefits, answers come lightning fast and that allows me to stay focused on running my business.  Payroll runs like clockwork and I’ve never been anything but pleased with my decision partner with SpiritHR.”

“The difference between Spirit and other PEO’s is personal service.  The Spirit team takes a personal interest in making sure all of our human resource needs are being handled the right way so that we may focus on providing legal services to our clients.  If we have a human resources issue, it is comforting to know I can call anyone on the Spirit team and they will be eager to assist.”