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The job interview is designed to gain insight into a job candidate’s skills, abilities, knowledge, and fit with the company.  Candidates are accustomed to many of the standard interview questions.  To get a different perspective you might consider questions that reveal the core of a candidate.

  1. If I were to ask your supervisor what you were best at, what would it be?

Look for sincerity rather than responses that would make the candidate look good.

  1. If I were to ask your supervisor what you need to improve or grow in, what would it be?

This response can provide insight into weaknesses that can be assessed against your job requirements. If the response is “nothing” then ask what they personally believe they can improve in.

  1. Describe work accomplishments that would best compare to this position.

The answer will provide insight into skills that you can compare to the job.

  1. Describe the best manager you ever had and why.

Understanding the candidate’s work style gives insight into how they might fit within the company.

  1. Tell me about your biggest professional failure and how you overcame it.

Look for answers that show the person took ownership of the outcome and learned from the experience.

  1. What have you learned in the interview that you didn’t expect?

Gives insight into how they are feeling about the process and demonstrates how they can think on their feet.

The interview process is challenging.  Prepare ahead of time with a good set of questions to get beyond the surface of skills and abilities.

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