Distracted Driving Awareness


April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, making this the perfect time to engage with employees and take advantage of training resources that are widely available. But more importantly it’s the perfect reminder that as an employer you can affect change not only in your company’s safety record but in the safety of your community.

Workplace Safety Resolutions


Each new year brings about resolutions that range from easily attainable those that are impossible. Most resolutions seem to center around personal well-being and health. Why not help your employees with those things and make a safety resolution? After all, health and safety in the workplace should come first.

5 Simple Tips to Stay Cyber Secure at Work

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Cybercriminals are not known to discriminate; they target vulnerable computers regardless of whether they are a home user, small business or connected to a large corporation. These criminals often rely on human error to gain access to computer systems. Something as simple as a failure to install software patches or clicking on a link in an email can have devastating results.

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