The Daily Huddle

Feb 11, 2019 | Human Resources, Management

Today our guest blogger, Mike Bosley, gives us his insights on the value of sharing key performance measurements with his team on a daily basis.  This “open book” method of management has worked well for him over the years and creates an environment of employee buy-in and pride in company achievements. Mike is the Owner and Engineer at Seatbelt Planet and an Executive Partner at Magellan Executive Partners.

The Daily Huddle

Can you imagine going to an NBA game and the teams deciding they were going to turn off the scoreboard?  How frequently do you think you’d look up and wonder where your team stood in the contest?  Even the players themselves continuously direct their eyes to the scoreboard to get an impartial assessment of the game.

Why should it be any different for our teams at work?  Our best team members want to know where they, their department and their company stands in relation to their goals and the competition.

A daily ‘huddle’ is the perfect way to create rhythm, awareness and alignment for your high-performing team. Just as no sporting event is complete without a scoreboard, neither are our offices.  The scoreboard at our office has only our most critical numbers. We work hard to keep it that way.  It’s so tempting to continually add more information.  For us, we generally only allow three data points about sales, three data points about shipping/production (we are a manufacturer) and perhaps a couple of other metrics if we want to temporarily highlight a particular piece of data (like inventory, lead time, product line, etc.)

We review our scoreboard each day in our daily “huddle.”  The huddle leader rotates each week, starts promptly at the same time each day, and kicks off with music.  The huddle leader has the privilege of choosing the music each day. Furthermore, they often come up with a theme for the songs that week. If someone hasn’t guessed it already, the huddle leader will reveal their music theme on Friday.

The ability for any employee at any time to know exactly where we stand is incredible.  Through our daily huddle we’ve built a team that knows the most important details of all parts of the company and how each of us contributes to our overall success.

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