False. Though most people think of dangerous blue collar jobs when they think of safety programs, even white collar employees are at risk for injuries at work. Understandably, workers in construction, manufacturing and similar fields are at increased risk for injury, but workers in “safer” office settings can be at risk for injuries as well. For workers who spend a large portion of their day at a desk, repetitive motion injuries, as well as back pain and eye strain, can be commonplace if proper safety measures are not implemented and communicated within the workplace. Additionally, slips, trips and falls can happen in any office setting, especially around kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and staircases, so ensuring proper safety measures are observed in these higher-risk areas is crucial. Even something as benign as a coffee maker can cause injury, as it poses a potential burn risk. In environments where workers use filing cabinets, access storage rooms or move boxes of paper, injuries can be caused by improper lifting techniques, poor filing/storage practices or even strain from moving of furniture. It is imperative that even the white collar worker in the lowest risk environment receives proper training for the risks found within their environment. Additionally, if your white collar workers use company vehicles or travel in the scope of their work, safety measures are even more critical, as your responsibility for the safety of your workers is not always limited to your office space.

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