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Inc. lists the ten inspiring lessons on how to attract and retain talent that we learned from the movie Jerry Maguire:

“Sometimes we need to think outside the box to understand what drives people, and not just on a rational level. We need to dig one step deeper and uncover the emotional complexities behind human decision-making.”

This Iconic 90s Film Can Teach Us a Lot About Hiring

Ladders wrote about ways to increase productivity at the office. Our favorite tip? Snacks!

“Free coffee is always nice, but a fridge full of snacks is even better. About 67 percent of employees who receive free food at work are very happy with their jobs. In addition to the cost benefit for employees, food around the office helps people stay energized and gives them less incentive to eat a heavy lunch that will put them to sleep later on in the afternoon.”

5 Fun Office Hacks to Increase Productivity

Forbes wrote this week about change and how to manage it best:

“One of the biggest mistakes I see organizations make today is how they handle change. A company will undergo change for many reasons — some will merge to become bigger and more stable, to remain competitive, to build a better brand or simply to survive. But how they handle change is critical to an organization’s success, and it can sometimes be the tipping point between that and failure.”

Change As An Opportunity: A Strategic Approach To Change Management

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