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Need a little weekend reading? Each Friday we will be posting a Week in Review round up of posts from the week.

Why is workplace culture so important?

“While setting up and scaling a company, there a few factors that will continue to play a primary role in its success and the success of its people – Culture is one of them.”

Essentials of Workplace Culture

Do you struggle with the yellow hat?

“The goal of this hat is to think about how to make an idea work and looking for what is good about a specific situation.  Yellow hat wearers are sensitized to see hidden opportunities and powerful leverage points.  They search out value and merit and seek out opportunity, solutions, and improvements.”

The thought exercise business coaches do every single session

Why is someone toxic?

“Some walked into the organization already toxic. Others became toxic over time. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure there’s one all-encompassing reason how or why employees start becoming harmful to an organization. Sometimes it stems from feelings of worry, insecurity, or jealousy. Other times, it’s a clash of personalities or a competitiveness that’s misguided.”

How do you handle toxic employees?

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