Week In Review

Dec 14, 2018 | Week In Review

Do You Have a Work Wife?

“…science is acknowledging the importance of having a work spouse: according to a study, work friends are apparently one of the most crucial factors to overall success and happiness in your job.”

Having a Work Wife Makes You Better at you Job

Ladders Wrote About the Components of Effective Feedback…

“Effective feedback has three mindful components. It is 1) Strategic, 2) Developmental and 3) Aligned with the values of the organization. These require us to be aware of our restrictive biases.”

The 3 Step Fail-safe Approach to Effective Feedback

Forbes Gave Some Advice for Those Thinking About Starting a Business….

“What’s mattered to me is to build a business that allows me to do the work I find meaningful while maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. And that’s meant adopting some new attitudes and ways of working to be effective as a business owner.”

4 Things I Wish I’s Known Before Starting a Business

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