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Feb 15, 2019 | Week In Review

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Each Friday, we will be posting a Week in Review round-up of posts from the week.

How Do You Encourage People to Engage?

“…which systems or approaches are more effective than others? Adding a live chat function may be a good start for some, while others may want to consider shifting how their follow-up procedures work. There are a million different strategies out there on improving customer engagement, so it is difficult to know which method is time-tested and worth trying yourself. ”

Customer Engagement Tips: 15 Approaches Worth Trying

7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Workplace

“Inclusion can be measured by a sense of belonging, connection and community at work. It’s really about how you feel connected to your workplace and the people around you. An organization that has mastered inclusion is one where people feel encouraged to bring their “whole selves” to work. Between voicing diverse points of view and finding a sense of connection to others, this is what makes inclusion real.”

What an Inclusive Workplace Actually Looks Like

“I thought it was Saturday today!”

Have You Ever Accidentally eaten Cat Food Instead of Tuna?

10 of the Worst (And Real) Sick Day Excuses

Latest Blogs from Spirit HR

Your Quick Guide to E-Verify

The federal E-Verify program has been around in some form since 1996, and it’s only getting bigger. With Florida joining the program earlier this year, around half of all states now require E-Verify participation in some way. Enrolling in the program isn’t difficult,...

3 Reasons to Outsource Your HR

Navigating the complexities of HR management can be a daunting task for businesses, especially when streamlining operations and optimizing costs are crucial for success. Outsourcing your HR functions can be a game-changer, providing the breathing room you need as a...