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Need a little weekend reading? Each Friday we will be posting a Week in Review round up of posts from the week.

Not all job descriptions are created equal…

“Though it’s super tempting to skim and scan job descriptions in the hopes that the perfect fit will just leap out, this tactic can cause you to waste precious time and energy filling out applications and heading out to interviews that aren’t right for you.”

6 Red Flags in the Job Descriptions that should have you running for the hills

Do you stick to your guns?

“By the end of each year, only 19% of people have stuck to their New Year’s Resolutions—which means there’s an 81% chance that your New Year’s Resolution will fail this year.”

The 7 Common Mistakes that cause new habits to fail

What skills do you want to hone?

“Becoming the perfect employee is probably a goal of the majority of women (we aim to please, don’t we?). And while we desire to improve our professional selves, we also must set realistic expectations for making these improvements. There are certain skills that take time and effort to master, and we can’t allow ourselves to get frustrated if we haven’t mastered them by the time we’re 25! We’ve laid out the 10 skills you should have mastered by the time you’re 40.”

10 professional skill we should all master by 40

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