Need a little weekend reading? Each Friday we will be posting a Week in Review round up of posts from the week.

CNN Money wrote this week about employee retention.

“Having a strong company culture helps workers feel more purposeful and connected to their work. That leads to more engaged and loyal workers.”

Why Perks Aren’t the Answer to Employee Retention Problems

BCBS reminded us of the risks of dehydration.

“Your whole body, from your organs to your individual cells, needs water to work right. We get most of the fluids we need from water and other drinks. We get about 20 percent of our fluids from food.”

Stay Cool and Hydrated this Summer

Forbes posted a great article on change within an organization and managing resistance.

“Mary tells you privately that she backs the initiative. So, why does she continually undercut you and the project during meetings? Sam is positive to your face, but caves and bad-mouths the project as soon as one of his folks starts complaining about the impact on his area.”

Five Ways Prevent Passive-Aggressive Resistance to Change

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