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Jun 21, 2019 | Week In Review

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Honestly, isn’t having dogs at work is something we can all get behind?

“Are there animals in the workplace? Then the workforce should be perking up. One-third (32%) of respondents reported feeling more motivated or productive because of pets in the work environment. Pets benefit company culture, said 65% of those surveyed. They even have magical powers: 75%  believed that pets would help diffuse a stressful situation in the workplace.” 

An argument for having dogs at work 

The emergence of the the gig economy might require a change in how we define an employee. 

“This change in workforce composition is significant because our labor laws and regulations support only one type of worker: employees who hold a traditional job with a single employer. All other workers are penalized by being taxed additionally, and stripped of the benefits, subsidies and protections still offered only to employees.”

What if we extend employee benefits to all workers? 

To-Do Lists or Calendars? Which camp do you fall into?

“I’d also add that by using my calendar I don’t over-commit. I consult my calendar before agreeing to taking-on any new tasks or meetings. Also, by putting my to do-lists into my calendar I can take into consideration the location, materials needed, and energy level in advance.”

To-Do Lists vs Calendars 

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