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Ladders has some advice on when you make a mistake.

“The conversation, no matter how mature you believe yourself to be, will be uncomfortable. But by actively approaching the topic and leaning into this awkward situation for both parties, you iterate your confidence and strength in your performance — even with an error. Here, experts reveal how to say “I was wrong,” and keep moving forward.”

The most professional way to admit you were wrong

Entrepreneur helped to guide us  thought  the customer experience.

“With technological advancements placing newer and faster product alternatives at the fingertips of consumers across the globe, businesses can no longer rely solely on effective products for attracting and retaining customers. Instead, they must prioritize the creation of positive customer experiences if they are to stand out in a highly competitive market.”

Five Customer Experience Mistakes (And How You Can Avoid Them)

PR Daily reminds us that the heart of every company is the people.

“Regardless of your industry, people are your greatest asset—and when people feel valued, respected and appreciated, they’re more likely to succeed. That sets your business up to succeed, too.”

5 tips to enhance your company culture

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