How to Get the Most from Your Employee Benefits

Apr 3, 2019 | Benefits

Sometimes, we all just go through the motions. Filling out employee benefits forms is not the most exciting task, but once you’re enrolled, how can you maximize your benefits? We’re so glad you asked!

Sign Up for Email Notifications

You can provide your email address on most carrier web sites. This can sometimes result is a few emails that you don’t want, but much of the time you’ll receive helpful tips from the insurance carriers. Most carriers will also send claims notifications that will keep you on top of knowing what additional expenses you may (or may not) be responsible for.

Monthly Carrier Newsletters

Monthly carrier newsletters are also a good way to keep informed about changes that may occur to your benefits. These newsletters are often provided by the carriers either via email, via download from your member login or snail mail.

Member Portal

Speaking of the carrier website, register for online member-only access! Most insurance carriers have a member portal that contains a whole host of information. What kind of information, you ask?

Generally, you can look up past claims data for yourself or any covered family member. You can also download a copy of an Explanation of Benefits for that claim. You can also review plan documents containing important information about your benefits, locate in-network providers for your plan, order or print ID cards, submit out-of-network claims, and much, much more.

Many of these websites also give you virtual tours or if you can’t locate what you need, allow you to “chat” online with a carrier representative.

Annual Maximums

Be aware of your annual maximums as many dental and vision plans have them. Find this information in your Summary Plan Description. You can see if you have already met your annual maximum benefit for the year by logging into the member portal. If you haven’t met your max, then it might be a good time to get an eye exam or go ahead and have that sore tooth fixed. Your calendar year benefits rarely roll over to the next year, so if you don’t use the benefit, you will leave benefit money on the table.

You’re paying premiums for them, so you might as well get the most benefit from your Benefits!

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