New Benefit Offerings 2022

Sep 21, 2021 | Benefits, Human Resources

As 2022 comes into focus it is time to look at your employee benefit plans and explore new options.

There were no doubt big changes in 2020 and 2021 with the way we work.  Many employees are still dealing with remote work, managing children’s school schedules, or returning to the workplace.

With these changing times, employers should consider new benefit offerings to attract and retain employees.

Have you Considered?


Telehealth became popular in 2020 and has remained a staple in many benefit plans in 2021.  Countless employees and health care providers learned that numerous issues can be taken care of with a web-based meeting or telephone call.

Telehealth helps employees reduce time missed from work for minor illnesses and avoid crowded doctor office waiting rooms.  Many health plans cover telehealth visits and there are stand-alone programs that include these services.

Mental health

Mental health has been widely discussed over the past year as anxiety and depression have tripled.  As people deal with new stressors including return to offices and socializing, mental health assistance has become even more important.

Providing mental health benefits can be a great differentiator for employers in competitive markets. Programs can include face to face counseling sessions or may provide telephonic therapy sessions.

Caregiving solutions

Caregiving solutions can assist employees with shouldering the responsibilities of caring for a family member.  According to AARP, one in six American workers is serving in a primary caregiving role.  Nearly half of those caregivers are Gen X or millennials. Many are raising children of their own while trying to look after aging parents or relatives.

Helping employees address these issues can improve productivity and performance.  Look for caregiving provider referral services, provide flexible work arrangements, or look for benefit plans that include caregiving services.

Flexible work location/hours

Flexible work location/hours have become highly coveted benefits in many workplaces.  While many companies initially panicked at the thought of employees working unsupervised at home, the arrangement worked out well since it became prevalent in early 2020. So much so that many companies closed or reduced their central office space and are giving employees the opportunity to work from home indefinitely if they wish.

The labor market is likely to continue to be competitive going into 2022. As you evaluate your programs in advance of Open Enrollment, keep these new benefit types in mind to help ensure the competitiveness and completeness of your benefits offerings.

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